Celebrating one incredible year of Kimolian Academy! ๐ŸŽ‰


As we reflect on our journey, the tranquil reedbeds of Suffolk serve as a poignant metaphor. Just as the reeds sway gracefully in the breeze, our path has been one of both stillness and flow.

Picture a sunny early morning, the reedbeds glistening with dew. At first glance, the reeds may appear fragile, yielding to the whims of the wind. Yet, in their ability to bend and adapt, lies their strengthโ€”a lesson in resilience and flexibility.

In our inaugural year at Kimolian Academy, we’ve embraced this ethos of flow wholeheartedly. While our journey began with determination and a commitment to empower women in tech, it’s been the gentle currents of flow that have guided our progress.

Our community, much like the reedbeds, is a place of serenity and growth. Here, gratitude is not just a practice but a way of being. We support, uplift, and believe in each other, knowing that true success stems from alignment and harmony.

We understand that innovation and creativity flourish when we allow ourselves to be in sync with the rhythm of life. It’s from this place of inner alignment that we conceive, design, and deliver tech-enabled products with purpose and impact.

As we mark this significant milestone, let’s continue to embrace the flow, trusting in the journey and the opportunities it presents. Here’s to another year of growth, discovery, and making waves together! ๐Ÿ’ซย 

A BIG THANK YOU TO All of you who made Kimolian Academy a reality.ย 

You know who you are.

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Eleni Lialiamou

Eleni is an international Product & Strategy Leader deeply committed to leveraging technology for impactful growth. She leads with innovation and ethics, merging tech products with ESG strategy to drive business & sustainability outcomes.

Eleni trains, coaches, and advises tech companies, focusing on strategy, organizational design and product management. Her goal is to help them discover and deliver tech-enabled products with a positive impact.

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