Inspired by women, created through women, curated for women

Kimolian Academy was founded with the mission to empower women to create impactful products aligned with their purpose. We are a team of product leaders passionate about inspring the next generation of women product leaders and founders!
We are all about coaching women on how to create tech-enabled products with a positive impact. Not just tech-for-good products. Every tech product we build invariably has an impact, and we need to adopt product management practices to design for a positive impact on the environment and society.

Eleni Lialiamou

Our Founder’s Journey

Eleni’s own experience growing into a product management gave birth to Kimolian Academy.
The Academy’s principles are deeply rooted to the values of the Ancient Greek Academy – “Education is not like filling a jar but rather lighting a spark” – and inspired by a reknowned woman mentor who lived in the Greek island of Kimolos.
Eleni is a firm believer that the team is the most critical ingredient in the product development process.
Great products are built when people from different perspectives and skill sets work together in creative tension to craft something much greater than any individual could create alone.

Women shaping the future of tech across Europe, UK, MENA & Africa

We bridge the gender gap in product management & tech entrepreneurship through tailored training and mentorship. We nurture the feminine attributes of innovation and creativity, equipping women with the skills and confidence to lead. Our graduates drive user-centric, socially responsible tech products, creating a brighter, more inclusive future.

Together, they are breaking barriers, offering vital opportunities to underrepresented women, making the positive impact even bigger

Kimolian Academy in Central & Eastern Europe

Kasia Sadowska

Product Coach
Kasia is a Product Manager with experience in B2B products in startups and scale-ups in DACH, Malta, and Poland. As a teenager, she had big dreams of becoming an engineer to solve real-world problems. However, her background initially prevented her from accessing proper education. It was a life-changing scholarship that opened the doors for her, allowing her to reach her full potential. When Kasia met Eleni at The Fellowship Program for Women Entrepreneurs, they instantly connected over a shared mission to empower underrepresented women in tech worldwide, reflecting Kimolian Academy’s values of empowerment and diversity. Kasia’s journey is a powerful testament to how access to education and the right opportunities can lead to impactful careers in technology.

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